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Territory and Population Ethnically large in number, there are an estimated 200,000 – 250,000 Zenú still alive, but most would not identify as Zenú, and most do not have recognized indigenous territorial right to their...

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Territory and Population Colombia’s vast Choco region is a world apart, a lush and dramatic jungle and coastal landscape that hides small Afro-Colombian and Indigenous communities within, accessible exclusively by boat. It is...

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Territory and Population The Wayúu are the largest Indigenous tribe in Colombia, and one of the most impoverished and exploited. They live in the harsh climate of the La Guajira desert in the Northeast of Colombia, and several...

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Territory and Population The Nasa, also known as the Paéz, are a large indigenous group distributed throughout the southern Colombian Andes, concentrated principally in the department of Cauca. Their officially recognized...

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Territory and Population The Misak tribe, also known as Guambianos, are a traditional indigenous group of approximately 21,000. They are a tribe of the Colombian Andes, located principally in the Cauca region of Colombia in...

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